Just How To Nicely

2) I wntd 2 move hm ASAP, 2C my M8s again At school. As well as their meaning, needless to say is… 2) I needed togo house as soon as possible, to determine my mates again – but I believe this genuine SMS example is of more instructional benefit. But it truly is about realizing some well-recognized SMS shortcuts too – no need to transform the wheel, I guess. Here is a truly brief instance of the reason: BF – partner D8 – date U – you IMAO – within my arrogant view (Im, in my essays company online own humble view, ideas should always be humble!;-)) TEXT ABBREVIATIONS TRENCH – are you currently there? MTE – my thoughts exactly AFZ – phrase free-zone (!) 2M2H – too much to handle IK – I am aware:-@ – screaming 😉 – wink (just in case you did not understand!) Should you get my move! Much like all languages, the SMS terminology is actually-evolving, and just a few of the 1000s of words/terms/techniques accessible may ever be in common use at anyone time.