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We’re coming together with the community to help those in need.
Because together, we Bring Change

TD Bank

Thank you to those that came out to support our community. Together, we were able to Bring Change. View gallery above to see more photos from the event.

April 24 - 28, 2017 at TD Bank
23 Market Street

CureCMT4J / Talia Duff Foundation

Imagine if your child was diagnosed with a life-threatening, rare disease–one for which there was no treatment. You were told only to watch your child slip helplessly into paralysis, respiratory compromise and, ultimately, death. But what if someone said, “Perhaps there is a cure. But you have to create and fund it yourself.” Imagine if you had to raise more than $1 million to save your child.

Ipswich’s 11 year-old Talia Duff and her family are facing this very challenge. Talia is battling a life-threatening illness called Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Type 4J (CMT4J). It looks a lot like ALS. After receiving their daughter’s diagnosis, the Duffs created a non-profit foundation, CureCMT4J, and gathered world experts to address a cure. But in order to get to a clinical trial to help their daughter and others, they need to raise at least $1 million. The disease is too rare to attract pharmaceutical or biotech companies to take up the challenge. It is up to Talia’s parents.

That’s why, on Monday, April 24th through Friday, April 28th we came together with the community to collect donations at our 23 Market Street Store. We saw lots of friendly faces, all supporting Talia, her family, and Cure CMT4J. And thanks to local support and a grant from the TD Charitable Foundation, together we raised a total of $4,534. Now Cure CMT4J can continue funding development for gene therapy to help all of those impacted by Charcot Marie Tooth Disease Type 4J.

For more information please visit or find them on Facebook at

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